Q1 - What is the latest version of Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 was released in November 2016 and Microsoft are committed to update Dynamics 365 every six months in spring and autumn of each year.


Q2 - Why is it so important to learn the latest version of Dynamics 365/CRM?

If you are not learning the latest version, you are missing out on the major investments made by Microsoft in multiple new productivity features.

Other training companies teach you how to use the older Dynamics 365/CRM software, rather than learn the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Q3 - Aren't all suppliers delivering the same Microsoft CRM courses?

Definitely not!

In 2014 Microsoft Dynamics made the decision to no longer release Microsoft Official Curriculum courseware for future versions of CRM and Dynamics 365.

Only Training 4 Microsoft CRM in the UK is investing the significant time and effort needed to develop the complete range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 training materials, helping businesses and organisations realize their Dynamics 365 potential without having to rely and spend on external Dynamics 365 consultants.

We are committed to teaching the very latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 within 2 weeks of its release. Courses are taught using both the newest version of Dynamics 365 Software, and our own unique courseware.

Compare this to our competitors who, without exception, are still teaching using a version of Dynamics 365/CRM and related courseware that can be up to 18 months out of date!

Q4 - How can I ensure I get the best out of my training?

The only way to be sure is to choose Training 4 Dynamics 365 and get the most up-to-date and comprehensive learning experience available!

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