• Maximum 6 people per class

  • High Speed 17" Laptops

  • Unique Courseware Material

Maximum 6 people per class

Your team will receive far more personalised learning than any other training company in the UK with our guaranteed maximum of 6 delegates per class (compared to 24 plus students on some of our competitors' courses).

Our small classes give your team the opportunity to ask questions about your own Dynamics 365 and CRM configuration and explore best practice options for improving your CRM system.

High Speed 17" Laptops

All our course include 17" laptops with 16gb RAM and wired, high-speed Internet connections, giving you the fastest and most reliable environment to learn in.

Unique Course Material

Your team will learn to take full advantage of the ever-increasing feature set of each release of Dynamics 365 which will enable your team and organisation to become more efficient and effective each and every year.

Don't settle for the same old training supplier who are using old and out of date training material, make sure you learn for the present and the future not for the past.